Got Chance


Have you ever witnessed your brown sugar turn into a hard rock lump after using it and keep it for later purposes? It is common for brown sugar to turn into hard chunks when it is kept for some time. But if it happens to you, you do not need to panic or get scared. Below are some tips to help you soften your brown sugar back to its normal state. 

Reasons Why Brown Sugar Turn Hard?

The natural moisture of brown sugar is used to evaporate. That is why brown sugar turns hard. If you did not store it properly, what you bought very soft will turn into a tough lump to break the glass. It is eatable, though, but it will give you an inaccurate measurement except if it is grainy and soft again.

How to Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Below is the trick for getting your brown sugar as soft as Neely bought.

Step 1: how to soften brown sugar in the microwave:

  • Get a bowl that can be safe inside a microwave.
  • Add your brown sugar into the bowl.
  • Get a paper towel and wet it, then squeeze it out to be slightly damp.
  • Cover the bowl and put it into the microwave wave; leave for 10 seconds until the sugar has turned to crumbs again. ( Don’t microwave for long; if not, the sugar will melt).
  • After 10 seconds, use a fork and poke the sugar to break off the lumps. Be careful while handling it because of the hotness of the sugar.

Step 2: how to soften brown sugar in the oven.

  • Turn on your oven and heat for about 250°F. 
  • Use an oven-worthy bowl to place your sugar and allow it to warn in the oven.
  • Try to check the sugar every minute while using a fork to crumble until you feel the sugar is soft.

Step 3: how to soften brown sugar with bread:

  • Get a fresh slice of bread and keep it in a sealed container with the complex brown sugar.
  • Leave inside for one day.
  • After one day, the sugar must have gotten the moisture from the bread, and before you know it, it will be soft and crumbly once more.
  • Don’t forget to remove the bread before it becomes mould.

Step 4: how to soften brown sugar with a slice of apple:

  • The process is just like bread: cutting the apple and placing the sugar into it leave inside a sealed container for a whole day.
  • The following day, check the sugar, and you discover it has absorbed the moisture from the apple.
  • Remove the sugar and see how soft it has become. Don’t also forget to remove the apple afterwards.

How Can You Store Brown Sugar?

Storing brown sugar is an easy process, but just a few people know the technic in keeping brown sugar. An airtight container I needed for storing brown sugar in a dry pantry will make the brown sugar very moist and ready to use. 


Brown sugar can last for an extended period as much as you properly store it in the right way. You can excellently make your baking cookies with brown sugar as long as it remains soft and crumbly. Hence do all you can to protect your brown sugar.