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Best Healthy Smoothie Recipe Book List

The best healthy smoothie recipes are necessary for those who want to remain healthy and for those who love smoothies. It is best to make nutritious smoothies that are healthy for great skin and a beautiful glow.

Green smoothies are one of the most popular types of smoothies these days, thus making them the subject of a lot of recipe books.

Check out our best healthy smoothie recipe book list below.

5 Best Healthy Smoothie Recipe Books

1.     ‘The Green Smoothies Diet’ by Robyn Openshaw

Openshaw who is also known as “green smoothie girl” is one of the directors of the green smoothie movement. She helps by teaching lectures all over the U.S. to those who crave knowledge on green smoothies. She has a very thorough book, and it explains why she consumes green recipes. It also includes recipes to help those who are new to making smoothies  get started. And it also shows how you could grow your own greens.

2.     ‘Green for Life’ by Victoria Boutenko

Vic Boutenko is one of the founders of the raw food movement, and she is one of the big factors in making the raw food diet popular. When a lot of her family members became sick, she settled down to analyze the diets of chimpanzees and how various meals affect them. After her research was done, she noticed that everything green was a huge key to the health of the chimpanzee. She then gave that knowledge to her family, and since then her family members have been consuming more green foods. Her book of best smoothie recipes contains great recipes ’til the end.

3.     ‘The Green Smoothie Bibleby Kristine Miles

For those that already have recipes on the best smoothies, check this smoothie recipe book out to get to a higher level. About 300 green recipes are available in this book. The recipes have a huge variety of health goals and tastes from increasing your mood to losing weight.

4.     ‘The Everything Green Smoothies Book’ by Britt Brandon

If you are looking for the best smoothie recipes and information about what smoothies to consume, this is the book for you. It organizes smoothies differently from some of the other books. And in this book of recipes, the arrangement may fit your style better. It has categories like those for pregnancy, athletes, weight loss, digestive health, and antiaging.

5.     ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Smoothies’ by Bo Rinaldi

This book contains the recipes for a lot of smoothies and is popularly known as one of the best recipe books available. This book contains important information one needs to know about smoothies, especially for a beginner.Hungry after reading our best healthy smoothie recipe book list? Start with Vega’s Protein Smoothie and Amazing Grass Organic Adaptogens Powder!