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3 Simple Ways to Cut Back Plastic Use

There are literally islands of trash and plastic in the oceans today, and it got me thinking about ways I could cut back on the amount of plastic I use. Here are 3 simple ways to cut back on our use of plastic that could make a huge impact.

Shopping Bags

Plastic bags are a huge culprit in contributing to our plastic use. If you are only buying 1 or 2 things at the grocery store, then just take your items without using a bag. Other options include bring totes along whenever you go shopping, like these canvas bags. Even whenever you go the mall, you can bring canvas bags with you and place your purchases in them. Reusable


Plastic straws are a simple one that you can address. For starters, forego using a straw when you can (and let’s be honest, that’s most of the time). The ironic thing about plastic straws is that they frequently come wrapped in plastic… double whammy. We can do better! Again, the most obvious alternative is to simply sip on the beverage from the cup or glass.

If you really do need a straw, possibly for a smoothie or for some kind of mixed juice, then try a reusable straw. There are numerous options of steel and glass straws out there. You can even get reusable straws that fold up in their own case. You can take them with you in your luggage, purse, or lunch bag.


Disposable paper cups might seem reasonably easy to recycle, however, they typically have a water-proof lining. What is this water-proof lining often made of? You guessed it… plastic. Good news though, it’s far more common now than ever that coffee shops accept (and often reward) you bringing in your own coffee thermos or tumbler.

What other ways can we lower our use of plastic? I would love to hear your ideas!