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Feedrinse – Read what matters you

July 27, 2007 by Hari

A day ago, i wrote about AideRSS, a way to manage your feeds, if you are subscribed to too many of them. I also mentioned about FeedRinse, an alternate way to filter your feeds. The key different between AideRSS and FeedRinse is that AideRSS allows you to “read what matters”, while FeedRinse allows you to read what matters YOU. That is, AideRSS automatically fetches the best posts/good posts and provides them to you. But, with FeedRinse, you can supply the necessary conditions for a entry to appear on a feed. Take a look at the picture below :

That is self explanatory. Right ? The options are that you can either Block the post or Allow the post after setting conditions. And there are other options available too. Check out special screenshot made by me :

FeedRinse gives you better control over what you read. That is why i would prefer FeedRinse over AideRSS. I’m not against AideRSS. It does good what it aims to do. Just that my personal preference would be for FeedRinse.I think i needn’t explain how FeedRinse works because their Tour page explains it very well. That page is the best of its kind that i have ever seen. Too see FeedRinse in action, check out the below image :

Those were the conditions that i set up on my own feed and the output feed is here.

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