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Weird & Wild Hair Salon Decorating Trends

A hair salon is a place where you can visit to get a trim, a nice hairstyle, and to groom yourself with the help of a professional hairstylist. However, a good quality haircut and hair salon decorating with quality customer service are not the only things customers consider when choosing a salon. Customers also care about the atmosphere of the salon. That’s why if you own a salon, it’s important that you make an effort to impress your customers by keeping up with hair salon decorating trends.

Do you know why your hair salon decorating style matters? It gives the first impression of your professionalism to your customers. It’s also a way to attract new customers to your hair salon, whether your customers hear about you through word-of-mouth, online via social media, or simply by walking by your store. So, you must make a statement with your overall hair salon decorating outlook. 

To stand out, you must look past ordinary designs. Right now, the most memorable salons choose to go weird and wild with their decor.

Let your customers feel fantastic the minute they step into your hair salon. They are certainly going to want to come back if they have a memorable experience. Follow these hair salon decorating trends to create a weird and wild salon environment.

4 Weird & Wild Hair Salon Decorating Options

The Dramatic Salon

Everything about a dramatic hair salon is colossal. Make your salon dramatic with gigantic mirrors and oversized lights. The mirrors will emphasize reflections and even make your space appear larger. With a pop of color on your walls, you can create a bright and colorful accent. Everything seems extra large and gigantic in a dramatic hair salon.

Go for a themed look. Try ‘50s vintage Hollywood decor inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe); opt for a funky ‘80s retro style with Memphis-Milano style furniture and gorgeous framed Patrick Nagel posters on the wall; go for a 1920’s Flapper and gangster theme; try a country western theme, or even pay homage to your local sports teams. 

You know your customers best, so if you’re going for a dramatic look, be sure to ask them what they love most and then play on their ideas. 

The Mirror Palace

The mirror salon is a perfect example of a wild hair salon decorating trend. This decor adds glow to your salon space and creates reflections in every direction. Your clientele will love this because everyone loves a glamorous space. This is a standard decor that can attract new customers to your hair salon and retain your existing customers. Choose warm lighting options to match your mirrored hair salon.

Adding fanciful gold furniture and trim may also make the business look more upper-class. Add small details like rhinestone-lined lamp shades, or feminine touches like feathers to accompany your mirrored palace.

Go Bold and Bright

Choosing to go bold and bright can make you stand out among other hair salons in your area. A color-centric salon is a truly wild one. Bright colors bring a taste of vibrancy to your salon. Decorate your salon with bold, red chairs. Mix and match bold colors that are close to one another on the color spectrum. Throw some red and orange colors to make a bolder space.

A bold and bright salon breeds happy customers. These colors influence mood and can keep your customers bursting with life and happiness. If decorated with the right touch, a bold and bright salon with add modern edginess with classic charm.

The Branded Salon

We are talking about the color brand here. You may not know, but your customers pay attention to more details than you think. Let all your equipment be a part of your brand. Have your equipment in the same color. Your towels, set of combs, apron, and uniform should all be in the same color. It doesn’t only make you appear decor-conscious but also projects you as being more professional. So, get your products, uniform, and every detail around your salon in a matched color scheme. This will make your salon weirdly customized.