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Try This Modern Dance Workout

Are you thinking of burning some calories without lifting heavy weights and running miles and miles? Do you want to just put on some loud music and dance your way to a perfect and fit body? Well, you won’t be the first to want that, and you definitely won’t be the last.

Dance has been a part of human existence for as long as anybody can remember. Although in ancient times, it was done only during celebrations and rituals, it has now become an amazing tool for fitness too. Workout coaches have started to incorporate dance into their routines to make the workout sessions more fun and enjoyable to their students.

Recently there have been more dance moves available that help our bodies stay fit and in shape. These dance moves include:

●      Twerking: This involves moving the hips in repeated sexy motions towards any object. Twerking is a great calorie burner, and by the time you continuously twerk for a whole hour, you would have burnt enough calories tantamount to running for the same period of time.

●      Zumba: This dance fuses both hip hop and Latin dance moves to create dance moves that make working out fun, while also helping you burn some calories.

●      Bollywood: If you’re a fan of Bollywood movies, you’ll know that dancing takes almost half of the entire movie time. The dance moves involve repeated movements of the entire body, both upper and lower.

●      Salsa: This is a widely known dance that could sometimes involve two or more people. If you’re working out with friends, you could involve them in this dance or you could just do it all by yourself. The goal is to dance in a way that you can easily execute the moves, maybe not perfectly, but correctly. That way you’ll be having fun while burning some calories.

It is, however, a very salient point to note that dancing may give you a good option or even a nice alternative to your other workout routines, but you have to be consistent. You don’t want to only dance when you hear music or when you attend a party. You should do it regularly for it to actually be effective.

The Modern Dance

This, unlike popular knowledge, is a dance that interprets your own emotions, it focuses particularly on this. You may not need to participate in a structured dance move. However, it could also be a popular dance move that a lot of people have found out to help in their calorie-burning journey.

The list above is exhaustive if you’re thinking of a dance move that helps you burn out excess fat. Try these modern dance workouts and you would love the positive turn your body takes.

The Childish Gambino African pop-dance move is also a great way to burn calories, because it focuses on moving every part of your body for a great workout goal.

Pick out any dance move that suits your preference and remember to keep on doing it until you achieve the desired result.