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Trendy Long Women’s Coats Among Hollywood Celebrities

Hi there. Today I’ll be talking about some highly trendy, very long women’s coats that many Hollywood celebrities have been wearing these days. The brands make some winter coats of some fantastic stars, including Madonna and Jennifer Aniston. They end up helping you keep yourself extremely warm whenever winter comes. They might not be remembered or converted to memes like the Ella Boucht Pink Puffer, which Rihanna made that became very public some years back. But this would make any loved one close to you remain nothing but proud. 

List of Trendy Long Women’s Coat from Celebrities 

When winter came, people like Carrie Bradshaw ended up getting very long and very dramatic vintage fur coats. Them Sarah Jessica Parker, who was a little bit more practical, has some more options. She went on to Woolrich coat, and it is even available on Amazon. 

You could get this for seven hundred and ninety-five dollars from 

Other celebrities like Kendall Jenner have also worn some of these North jackets, which are faced down. They have been popularized all through the nineties. A lot of people do not know that Jennifer Aniston has been wearing them for several years non-stop. 

You can get this North Face Hyalite for a hundred and seventy-nine dollars from too. 

If you remember Ramona from the beginning of the movie Hustlers (Jennifer Lopez if you have not seen the movie yet), she invited Destiny (Constance Wu) to enter inside her fur coat. It is incredibly safe for someone to say that she could ask any one of us to climb into that fur coat, and we would do so in a heartbeat. You can get that coat for two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars from 

It is no news that Katie Holmes loves herself some coats. Everyone also loves her Max Mara coat. She and a lot of other celebrities own as much as the next person has. It is around four thousand dollars if you want to purchase it. If you’re going to get yourself puffers, Holmes keeps and makes sure they are designers. But you could get them for three thousand dollars less. Her Isabel Marant puffers are very simple and easy to steal. 

You can get this for five hundred and fifty-five dollars from

My thoughts on these Trendy Long Women’s Coats Among Hollywood Celebrities

Various celebrities have worn coats and furs, which are trendy as a lot of them. I don’t know if you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy. But many of the superstars on that show have been seen slaying and looking good wearing some long-armed long hand coats, especially in their winter or Christmas episodes. If you want to look extremely special in this beautiful month, you should check out some of these designs listed above. Trust me; you would end up looking like a celebrity and a Disney princess. So before winter comes or before any fashion show hits the news, get yourself ready with these trendy women coats.