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Top Celebrity Hair Stylists to the Stars

We always think about how celebs like Shakira, Adele and Beyoncé keep looking so glamorous with hairstyles—like they just got out of bed but still look so nice. The answers to our thoughts lie in the people that tease, curl, and primp the weaves/hair of these celebs. They do this before the celebrities visit the red carpets or have appearances in public. Most of these professionals have worked so hard for these celebs. Some of them have even started working for the friends or siblings of these celebrities.

List of Top Celebrity Hair Stylists to the Stars

1. Neal Farinah

This is Beyoncé’s hair Stylist. He is the man we need to thank for always making Beyoncé have the hair of the queen that she is. He has been working with her for a very long time, and even during Coachella, he created her long length weave which was gorgeous. He also works with Nicki Minaj. No surprise there.

2. Chris Appleton

Chris Appleton has been the hairstylist of Kim Kardashian. Ever since the first seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, he has been there. He helped Kim create her beautiful wet hair look which she wore at the Met Gala. He has other great celeb clients like Jaylo and Katy Perry.

3. Justine Marjan

Justin Marjan is the hair Stylist of Khloe Kardashian. This hair Stylist is in charge of making hair accessories popular. He has collaborated with Kitsch and he has lots of his celeb clients wearing these products. Other celeb clients include Kristin Cavallari, Ashley Graham, and Ashley Tisdale.

4. Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson is the hair Stylist of Sandra Oh. You would remember Ted Gibson from the reality TV show, What Not to Wear. This Stylist helps his celeb clients by giving them makeovers that take them to the next level. Sandra oh, Rachel Brosnahan, Priyanka Chopra, and Angelina Jolie have nothing but wonderful things to say about this hair Stylist.

5. Nikki Nelms

Nikki Nelms is the hair Stylist of Janelle Monae. She is the one that gave Janelle her epic braid which she slew at the Met Gala. She has been giving other celebs wonderfully made braided looks. Monae has always had the most beautiful looks because of her big braids. Helms put her weave in different styles like bubble ponytails, space buns, and others. Other clients of hers include Gabrielle Union, Zoë Kravitz, and Yara Shahidi.

6. Tracey Cunningham

Emma Stone’s hair Stylist is Tracey Cunningham. She helps Emma with all her glamorous days on various Red Carpet moments. She is mostly seen as one that has serious waves and hair swept to the side with each edge looking glossy. He has other clients like Mariah Carey, Bebe Rexha, and Dakota Johnson.

7. Mark Townsend

 This is Elizabeth Olsen’s very own hair Stylist. He makes her weave just before each red carpet. He also helps create bangs that are textured. Lots of us wish we could try this and it would work perfectly. Other clients include Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate, Rachel Weisz, and Elizabeth Banks.