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Taylor Swift Skin Care Secrets Revealed!

If you have been a fan of the country-turned-pop singer, Taylor Swift, for a while, you would know that she is constantly stunning, from her music videos, interviews, walks on the red carpet, or just enjoying a casual outing with friends. Although her hair has changed over time, she has consistently maintained a skin care routine that has kept her skin flawless.

What’s her secret? Taylor Swift has a lot of makeup and skin care products and essentials that are always with her.

Let’s find out more!

Taylor Swift Skin Care

Although Taylor Swift had admitted to sleeping with makeup in her earlier years, she has resolved to take proper care of her skin through consistent skincare routines. She moisturizes her face each night and applies body lotion when she is done taking a shower.

Now, what are her favorites?

She uses Coconut Manna Organic Coconut Butter made from Nutiva, and Brilliant Balance with Lavender and Prebiotics Daily Moisturizer from Avalon Organics. A combination of these two products gives Taylor Swift that soft glow that makes her shine wherever she goes. What could be better than this? Try Taylor Swift skin care routine today, and your skin will thank you.

Another tip? She drinks a lot of water, especially water with electrolytes to rehydrate herself, especially after a workout or performance.

Taylor Swift Skin Care and Makeup Essentials

Taylor Swift occasionally changes her looks from her dress to her hairstyle, especially at red carpet events, but she always returns to her signature look, one that makes her stand out: bold red lips and cat eyes. She once used a sharpie when she didn’t have an eyeliner with her, which she totally does not recommend. Now, she just sticks with the COVERGIRL liquid eyeliner, and a MAC gel eyeliner works when she wants to create the smoky eye effect.

For those of you who always admire her bold red lips, she creates that using either NARS Dragon Velvet Lip Pencil or COVERGIRL’s Garnet Flame. Her hair is enriched with Kerastase Products when she has a performance to do or an event to attend. In the comfort of her home, she simply wears it naturally.

Taylor Swift Fashion

What about her style? Have you seen a picture of Taylor Swift heading out for a casual event and are awed by how gorgeous she looks?

It’s easy to be disorganized and get ruffled during the day, especially as a celebrity. But despite her busy schedule, she always manages to look organized and put together. Some things are constantly in her bag everywhere she goes. It starts with her pearl necklace, her hair tie, red lipstick, liquid eyeliner, and of course, perfume!

What of her bags? She is often seen carrying small satchels or very colorful totes.

What beauty and fashion secrets from Taylor Swift do you admire? We’d love to hear your thoughts!