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Snail Slime for Beauty? Which Celebs Have Tried It?

Hey there. Did you know that Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes have tried the wonders of this beautiful Korean ingredient? They are some of the celebrities that have tried it. 

Who was the makeup artist that put the Snail Slime for beauty? 

Troy Surratt is one of the makeup artists that have tried it on both Katie Holmes and Drew Barrymore. This makeup artist works for Adele and Leann Rimes too. He tried this makeup ingredient because he heard that it was trending and becoming quite popular in Korea. He also discovered that snail slime had various healing benefits. It helped in healing burns, and it could easily stimulate the production of collagen. He stated that he headed out to Seoul with Fiona Stiles, a fellow makeup guru. 

Chung added that the ingredient made all celebs that he put it on look like a Korean Beauty star. It doesn’t smell like snails in any way. 

Celebrities that have used it state it isn’t strange anymore. It is like a skin multivitamin. It is also a natural source of hyaluronic acid, peptides, enzymes, and those which firm, hydrate, and exfoliate simultaneously. 

Which other products are recommended to use the snail slime with? 

As stated by Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes, you could use this Snail Slime with COSRX’s Advanced lightweight Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. That has ninety-six percent snail mucin. It is also an obsession because she has a lot of them in her office. She uses them to handle dehydration, dark spots, acne scarring, or generally improve her skin. It doesn’t matter if you have dry, acne-prone, or oily skin. Missha is a brand that offers various snail formulas. Their formulas even included the famous sheet mask. 

There are also some other ingredients celebrities used with snail slime to look beautiful. There includes Tonymoly’s Timeless Ferment Snail Eye Cream. 

This cream utilizes around eighty percent of snail mucus that’s gold fermented. It is lightweight and has a lot of nutrients in it, as stated by Alice Hyun. 

How is snail slime produced? 

To produce snail slime, green tea is fed to snails for months. This infuses the mucus of the snails with the rich antioxidants available. The eye cream enters the skin, provides exceptionally long-lasting hydration, and makes one feel youthful resilience through a non-tacky finish. 

This helps all delicate skin areas feel highly comfortable and moisturized. Let’s not forget about the fact that it prevents your skin from feeling irritable and heavy. She explained that it is one of the most trendy makeup ingredients, which is used to make many people over there feel and look as beautiful as ever. Various beauty brands are picking up on this secret, and before you know it, it’ll be available in every makeup kit all across the world. We all need to stay tuned for something better, as stated by Katie Holmes.