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Should You Try an LED Face Mask?

Are you unsure about trying out a face mask? If you are, then welcome to this piece. We would be talking about the benefits of using a face mask, and we’ll talk about how they work too. 

Led masks are masks that bring out visible wavelengths. Their wavelengths have either red or blue lights. These wavelengths sit between four hundred to seven hundred nanometers from the electromagnetic spectrum. 

The blue light around the four hundred mark works great when one wants to target bacteria. It is also used to treat acne. 

The red light, which is closer to seven hundred, penetrates more profoundly, and that’s used for collagen purposes to increase blood circulation in the body. 

What are the benefits of using a LED face mask? 

You can use a LED face mask to treat acne. It also helps in reducing levels of inflammation. Various masks are either close to infrared or infrared. These are way above seven hundred on the electromagnetic spectrum. 

If you move more than seven hundred, you get to feel a little bit warmer. 

Dr. Mcdonald stated that infrared is used commonly to apply heat that aids in treating joint pain. 

How effective are these LED masks? 

These LED masks are mildly effective at best, as stated by experts in the field. 

These LED masks do not have any guarantee, which is known from led light clinics. 

The amount of intensity that’s needed to give one of these benefits needs to be high. 

These LED masks are only just a fraction of the high amount of intensity you would have gotten from a clinic. 

How long does one need to make use of a LED face mask?

As stated by Dr. Lim, if you want to get all of the benefits of the LED face mask, you need to wear the mask three times weekly for around thirty minutes. You could wear it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Or on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It doesn’t matter what you decide, and the most important thing is that you need to be consistent on the days you decide to use the LED face mask. 

How much time must I use it for it to affect my skin? 

As stated by Dr. McDonald, the more you use the LED face mask, the more chances you’ll enjoy an effect from it. 

LED face masks to have a lot of benefits. It is cool to use. Also very easy too. It helps in providing your skin with benefits like getting rid of acne and dark spots. These are the reasons why a lot of celebrities and stars make use of LED face masks. The only issue with it is that you need to be consistent as you make use of it. If you are not consistent, you will not notice the effects, and it might feel like something stressful.