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Best & Worst Dressed Men Headband Fashion

Headbands are one of the fashion accessories that men don’t take seriously enough. They are the perfect accessories for fit and active men, especially when worn outdoors. Commonly, the headband is a street fashion trend for men, but you may also find many athletes rocking headbands on the tennis court. Famous players like Mark Sanchez, Mikael Lustig, David Beckham, and Sergio Ramos wear headbands now and then on the court.

Men headband fashion has rapidly become a staple for men growing their short to medium hair longer. Wearing headbands is a very stylish and easy way to keep hair out of your eyes. Aside from using the headband to keep the hair from getting into the eyes, these men use it to flaunt their piercing eyes and structured faces to the world.

We have seen several types of men headband fashion statements. The nice one, the simple one, the funky one, the best and the worst. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best and worst men headband fashion trends. Check them out!

Some of the best headbands are as follows.

Best Men Headband Fashion Statements

Denim Headband

Denim headbands are one of the best men’s headbands. They are stylish and versatile. Denim headbands are great for exercising, CrossFit, or running. They are made of flexible material, which makes it easy to wick sweat away. A denim headband will make a great addition to your arsenal of headbands.

Fitness Headband

There are a lot of sports brands that have put fitness headbands out there for sportsmen. A fitness headband is a small but important gym accessory. It is usually made with soft materials to avoid putting pressure on the head.

Nike Swoosh Headband is one of the best fitness headbands. It is classic, stylish, comfortable, and durable. Another fitness headband to look out for is the Under Armour Men’s Performance Headband; it keeps your face dry and cool with its moisture-wicking material. Fitness headbands stay in place and keep the hair from slipping off.

Ribbed Headband

They are a stylish and versatile minimalist piece. Ribbed headbands can be styled easily to create a stunning look. They go well with a white tee and sweater. They are one of the best men’s headbands that make you look your best.

Harry Styles Headband

People won’t stop asking questions about where to get headbands as those Harry Styles wears. His headband game is very strong. Every headband freak should get inspiration from Harry Styles.

Worst Headband Fashion Statements

Sling Headband

One of the headbands we have seen people wear in the worst ways is the sling headband. This style of headbands is mainly used by the soccer men. They are not meant to be worn for outings. So, don’t wear them on the street or to a party.


Scarves are not headbands. They are different. Dougie Poynter succeeded in creating an odd style when he decided to rock something that looked like his grandmother’s silk scarf as a headband.

So now that you know best and worst men headband fashion trends, which headband will you choose to wear? And be sure to pair it with one of our top picks for best winter coats!