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Jennifer Lopez Healthy Celeb Nutrition and Fitness Tips

For Jennifer Lopez, sexiness is an inherent part of her being. The stunning singer, actress, producer, and songwriter has, despite her extremely busy work schedule and family life, manages to keep a very healthy and fit body that the whole world envies.

If your jaw drops whenever she pulls stunts on the stage during her performances, you are not alone. Your jaw should drop even further when you remember that she just turned 50 recently!

Most people feel that her body shape is from good genetics, but she has a very strict workout and diet routine that she follows consistently. Here are some Jennifer Lopez healthy celeb nutrition and fitness tips.

6 Jennifer Lopez Healthy Celeb Tips

She maintains her go-to leg workout: One of the best Jennifer Lopez healthy celeb nutrition and fitness tips is her consistent go-to leg workout. Although she increased her strength training when she was preparing for her role in the movie Hustlers, she also practiced more when she was about to get married to Alex Rodriguez. She does her low-rep and heavy-weight leg press.

She never skips her workout: Most people see regular exercise as a chore or something they just have to do, but Jennifer Lopez sees it as a way of life. Since dance is an essential part of her career, she does everything to ensure that she stays in shape to not only carry out her work effectively but to also be healthy so she can take care of her loved ones.

She works with different trainers: There is nothing more fulfilling than giving your body a challenge and ensuring that it meets up to that challenge. Another one of Jennifer Lopez healthy celeb nutrition and fitness tips is that she works with different trainers that have different approaches, so she can put her body to the test. She works with David Kirsch in New York and works with Tracy Anderson when she is in Los Angeles.

She optimizes her full-body workout: For this, she often uses Kirsch’s signature 32-minute express workout, rather than doing a workout that lasts for hours. To her, less is more.

She drinks a tremendous amount of water: Water is essential for healthy living, and she knows this. That is why one of Jennifer Lopez healthy celeb nutrition and fitness tips is to absorb as much water as possible. Drink a lot of water, especially before exercising, so that you can get the most out of it and not get exhausted after two minutes.

No carbs, no alcohol: In this present age, it is very difficult to avoid these two things (especially the carbs), but Jennifer Lopez has a strict diet rule where she avoids carbs, sugar, and alcohol at all costs. If you want a banging body like this, you can start with this tip. That is why the 3-in-1 Carb Blocker from Irwin Naturals, and the sugar-free natural sweetener called Stevia from Stevita, is highly recommended.

Which Jennifer Lopez healthy celeb nutrition and fitness tips will you use to get your perfect body?