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How to Become an Instagram Celebrity

I’ve noticed a lot of people become famous on Instagram. I always wondered how they did it. You could follow these lovely tops from influencers and learn how you could get famous from Instagram using authentic ways. 

List of ways you can get famous or become an Instagram celebrity 

1. Make use of your profile picture instead of using a logo 

Your profile photo is what members of Instagram would see before they touch your story, visit your profile or interact with your posts. With this high amount of visibility, other influencers have stated you should put your best beautiful face forward. 

Instagram is a personal platform as explained by Wiltz on her blog. Several different people have come on Instagram not to get sold by a corporation but for them to gain entertainment. They all want to know who you are at the back of your Instagram account. They want to converse with a person not just your logo. You need your brand to get personalized. 

Practically everyone that has an account on Instagram has their photo showing their face. Try and follow this technique and see what it’s going to do for you. 

2. You need to think and remember what your followers would love to see. 

You should know that your followed want to see no one but you, my dear. 

You should take the tip mentioned above and take it to your grid as hard as you humanly possibly can. 

Different people follow influencers for several different reasons. These include travel hacks, parenting advice, photography skills, and lots more. In the end, different people would love to see you for loads of other reasons. 

You could just ask entrepreneur and influencer Jenna Kutcher who’s an Instagram influencer. 

She is not just the only one that has said something like this. There are studies by the Georgia Institute of Yahoo and Tech labs that find photos with faces in them which are about thirty right percent more likely to gain more likes on Instagram. 

3. You need to keep your bio as fresh as you possibly can. 

It is very simple to forget about your bio after you just wrote it. That would be a serious mistake. Your bio is what everyone sees first. This should give people great fast ideas on what your account should be about. 

You can tell visitors what you do, who you are and the type of things you like to share. Wiltz suggests you should add in keywords. Before you can do this, make sure these keywords are added naturally to your bio. 

If you want to get famous for traveling, tell people the exact specific country you want to travel to. This would tell your prospective followers the type of content you would be posting for them to see and enjoy all through your latest updates. 

Using these methods, I think anyone can easily become a celebrity on Instagram.