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Fun Kids Fashion Jewelry Every Tween Should Have in Her Closet

Tweens are at that stage between childhood and the teenage years, and their tastes in fashion are colored by their environment and what’s trending on social media. There are, however, age appropriate yet fun types of kids fashion jewelry that your tween can rock without breaking the bank.

10 Must-Have Kids Fashion Jewelry Pieces


Earrings are a must have for any tween with piercings in his or her ears, but there are also magnetic earrings and hooks that do not require piercings to be worn in a variety of colors and styles.


Studs are light, small earrings that come in various designs and are quite affordable depending on what they are made of. For one’s unique personality to be expressed, studs are an effective means. You can find some quirky designs on display, from colorful unicorns to sparkly owls. Simple designs like pearls or gem drops are also available. It all depends on the tween’s personality. The versatility of this piece of jewelry makes it a must-have for every tween.


Hoops are a staple piece of jewelry, as they have the ability to transform a plain look to nothing short of glamorous and fun. Depending on your needs and what fits comfortably, hoops come in different forms, which include the huggie and latch hoop earrings. This piece of kids fashion jewelry can be rocked with almost any outfit for any occasion and make a lasting impression.

Fish Hooks

Shaped like hooks, these can be easily worn as all one needs to do is hang them from the ear and reveal a tweens’ creative side.

Clip-on Earrings

Clip-on earrings are genius inventions allow kids who have no ear piercings to still wear fashionable designs and cuts. They are not limited to those without piercings, as these sometimes come in elegant designs and are must-have kids fashion jewelry.


Necklaces are made from different materials such as beads, glass, clothe, seashells, pearls, faux gemstones, and metal. The most favored are those that come in pretty colors, so tweens can show off their personalities.


Chokers are always in trend – woven, chains, beads, and simple ropes. Chokers have so much range as they can be worn with a T-shirt to school or a dress to a party.

Statement Neckpieces

As the name implies when worn they make a statement. They are outstanding pieces in different hues and materials. These are a must-have but one has to be careful not to wear inappropriate pieces.


Neck chains are lightweight must-have fashion jewelry for kids and come in different metals that can match any outfit. They can be picked off a store rack or customized to suit the individual wearing them.


Bangles are always trending no matter the season, it all depends on the outfit and the tweens’ taste. From understated, elegant pieces to loud, yet gorgeous plastic designs, bangles are an item that each tweens’ closet should feature.

Kids’ fashion jewelry comes in all designs and hues, and these are certain pieces that no tweens’ closet should lack, no matter the season.