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Famous Celebrities Who Wear Contact Lenses

The show business has to do with maintaining your style. In the industry where Willy Wonka style world, making your Improving appearance is the goal of everyone.

For the celebrities, getting only a good image put there is always the key. From chin lifts to tummy tucks to getting the banging body, most celebrities would stop at nothing to get their idea of the Ultimate look. In this article, we take you through the top celebrities that make use of eye contact lenses, let’s go!

Popular celebrities who use contact lenses

This is a shortlist of celebrities that comfortable play their Industry roles using contact lenses:

1. Jennifer Aniston

A lot of people won’t believe that the famous Rachel and friends character is a huge fan of contact lenses. Although rare, Jennifer Aniston has been wearing contact lenses for a very long time now in a bid to correct her vision. For this star, contact lenses are one of the ways that she gets the comfort and eye flexibility she needs to perform outstandingly whenever she’s on a movie set.

2. Orlando Bloom

The pirates of the Caribbean star, Orlando Bloom, is the next celebrity that made it to this list. He wears contact lenses as much as he can. Just like Jennifer Aniston, Bloom also has a very demanding career schedule and this means that he has to be available all the time. For this purpose, he uses contact lenses to maintain a sharp vision as well as achieve comfort while on the move.

 3. Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is one actress that has a special spot for lenses. This she has made known several yes on TV. She adores the big eye lenses more as green or blue contacts are her favorites. These colors however are in contrast with her sharp dark eye color.

4. Taylor Swift

Is it surprising to find out that your favorite country-pop music songstress wears contact lenses? Most of the events and awards show that Taylor has ever attended had her putting her contacts in full glare. She has succeeded go capture the hearts of many ages and classes through her musical revelation. For utmost flexibility, and to walk through her neck breaking schedule as an artist, it’s not a surprise why Swift opted for contact lenses instead.

5. Robert Pattison

The actor who began his journey to stardom after he took on the Cedric Diggory role in 2005 is a proud user of contact lenses. The famous twilight fils also has Pattison wearing lenses throughout. This way, he successfully had his natural eye color replaced for an auburn brown color. 


This list comprises of all the celebrities that wear contact lenses. We bet you didn’t know some of them did wear lenses before now. In March, the national save your vision month would be here and the best way to honor this month is to invest in contact lenses. This especially if you cannot afford to lose your comfort over real glasses. Start taking care of your vision.