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Celebrities Spotted Wearing a Versache coat

Versache is a stunning label for high-end fashion. Every celebrity who loves to keep up with bold looks knows how fancy and sparkling a Versache coat can make them look. It is hard not to look more than twice when you spot a Versache coat. It’s safe to say that the brand entertains with its designs.

There is a long list of celebrities who love to rock Versace. We have observed closely to see those who have once or twice been spotted in a Versache coat, whether promoting or wearing for their own grace.

5 Celebrities Who Love Versache Coats

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara stepped out elegantly in a flattering Versache coat, which she wore over a fitted shirt and jeans to an episode of “America’s Got Talent,” as a judge. It was incredible to see Sofia in this look. She looked elegant and amazing. Pulling a powerful look was expected, considering that she was newly assigned as a judge on the show. We all didn’t expect a Versache drip that would blow everyone away so much.

Sofia Vergara slayed in her black and yellow Versache coat as she walked towards the Los Angeles studio. She wore black backless open-toe heels to complete the look.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the celebrities that have a great relationship with Versache. Her significance is one of those that brought Versache look to the high street. She has been spotted in several Versache winter coats and other high fashion designs. Donatella Versache once wrote Lady Gaga a letter on how Gianni, her brother would like to style her. This was allegedly the beginning of the relationship.

Bruno Mars

Bruni Mars seems to be one of the male celebrities who have got much love for Versache. Interestingly, he talked about rocking Versache all over his 24K album. He seems to be a big lover of the clothing brand. A common picture of Bruno Mars rocking Versace is where he was spotted in a silk Versache printed bumper jacket, which he paired with a pair of black Versache loafers.

Kylie Jenner

While Kylie Jenner was being a purple princess with her hair to a Met Gala, she posted a pre-picture of her sitting on Versache chair and rocking a Versace baroque jacket. Kylie Jenner brought the Migos’ music about Versache to life – “Versache, Versache, Medusa head on me like I’m Illuminati.” She dripped of Versache in the picture. Interestingly, her outfit to the Met Gala was a purple Versache dress, making her look like a purple princess.


Rihanna lives in her own fashion world. She rocks whatever she wants just how she wants it. She is one of the most versatile celebrities when it comes to fashion. She can pull off any look amazingly. Rihanna seems to have a thing for fur jackets as she has been severely spotted in Versache fur jackets. She looked amazing as expected. It is Rihanna, you’d expect her to kill every look, of course.