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Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time

Halloween is by the corner. Today I’ll be talking about the best Halloween costumes worn by celebrities of all time. Are you ready to know what your favorite celeb wore last year to see if you could wear the same thing this year? If you are, this piece is for you, baby.

List of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time

  1. Lizzo as a WAP from the year 2020

The second costume Lizzo wore at Halloween was the best ode from WAP. WAP was gotten from Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. She dressed as a cat [(Wet Ass Pussy) WAP]. She got her music video that aired on Instagram. She gave us an utterly great, fun, sexy video. That was indeed some wet ass pussy, though, as she captioned her video on Instagram. She also stated that Cardi B wanted Lizzo to be present in the original video.

  1. The Weekend as Sherman Klump

The weekend tried his best to look all Nutty like Sherman Klump from the Nutty Professor. You wouldn’t have noticed the singer because he got Eddie Murphy’s character perfectly. He tried, and he put in the work to look exactly how he looked.

  1. Kendall Jenner as Barb Wire

Kendall channeled Anderson Pamela’s character from the 1996 movie Barb Wire at Halloween last year, 2020. The reality star and model shared various photos from the photoshoot on Instagram, which sees her sporting the leather bodysuit, blond hair, and black high thighed boots as she sat on a motorcycle singing Don’t Call me Babe. She wrote in her caption, “Hey everyone, happy Halloween. Go vote, shall you! “

  1. Emily Ratajkowski as 1991’s Demi Moore

During Halloween 2020, Emily remade the Demi Moore looked when she was pregnant and how she appeared completely naked. Then Demi Moore was pregnant with her second child. The entire Halloween model got Demi’s Body snap properly. It looked like the vanity fair cover line, honestly. This displayed her baby bump using a black pixie wig and lingerie.

  1. Heidi Klum as Jessica rabbit in 2015

Heidi dressed as the fabulous Jessica Rabbit from the Disney Movie from 1998 titled Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Heidi is a great fan of the Halloween season. She always delights everyone whenever she hosts her Halloween party.

  1. Heidi Klum as the Thriller Werewolf

As stated earlier, Heidi loves Halloween. This time she strived to look like the werewolf from a thriller. She looked great at it too. It took her a lot of time to finish the makeup and remake the physique of the character.

When Heidi entered the party, everyone got scared because they could not wrap their mind around this high level of madness. Like her entrance was quite intense. She went to the event inside a vehicle created from glass and then had blood splatters all around, which ended up being covered by biohazard symbols.

So there we have it. Your list of the best celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time.