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After Botox Injection: Instructions on Healing Your Skin

If you just had Botox, or the thoughts of going to take care of your wrinkles and frown lines are on your mind, you need to know how to take good care of yourself after the process has been done.

Instructions on Healing Your Skin

Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Get a cold compress and put it on the area. While doing this, make sure you don’t unconsciously start rubbing the entire area or holding the cold compress in a particular place for a long time.

You could get arnica cream and put it in the area. Arnica cream has helped a lot of people to reduce swelling.

Make sure you avoid lying down after the treatment for about 4 hours.

If you start stressing that the inflammation has become too much, have a conversation with your Botox clinic.

Having Tightness in Your Forehead After the Procedure

This could happen about 4 to 5 days after you have had treatment. It could also last for about a week.

What to Do to Reduce Bleeding, Bruising after Botox

There are specific supplements, drugs, and vitamins you should avoid before you start your Botox process. These cause bruising and swelling to before worse than they’re supposed to be.

These drugs include aspirin and ibuprofen. You should stop consuming these goods at least a week before your treatment begins. Other drugs that could cause these include ginkgo biloba, blood thinning medication, vitamin E, and St John’s wort. If your doctor adds these to your dosage, you need to check them in to know exactly when you need to stop.

Make sure you go for a full consultation to know the drugs you should take and the drugs you need to avoid to prevent or reduce the chances of swelling and pain after your Botox process has been done.

While healing your skin after Botox, also be sure to use LinoPanate Ointment by Bezwecken.

Will I Start Feeling Dizzy After Botox?

Feeling dizzy could be a side effect of Botox. Though it is quite rare. If one experiences dizziness after having these Botox injections, make sure you converse with your health care practitioner immediately.

Is there a chance Botox can make me lose my hair?

There isn’t any evidence scientifically that would make Botox cause loss of hair from your body.

Would I Feel Tired After Botox?

There isn’t any evidence that shows that Botox causes one to feel tired.

What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

If you get Botox Injections too low on your forehead, it could make the muscles there relax and this would push your upper eyelids. But this is a temporary effect, and it should wear off in about 4 to 8 weeks.

How to Manage Pain after Botox

You shouldn’t apply any pressure to the area, because this could easily move the Botox. You should take arnica tablets, which would help in reducing the risk of inflammation and bruising.

Now you know the various ways in which your skin can be taken care of after getting Botox injections.