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Chips n Cookies
Fun Events

Racked your brain too much?? Take a break. Lighten up your spirits. Have a blast involving yourself in these super cool filler events

Chips and Cookies
  • Search The Grail (Treasure Hunt) : You think you’re as smart as Robert Langdon ? Fight your way through a labyrinth of clues to reach your final destination.
  • Dhwani(Sound forge) : Put your musical ideas to the fore, and mix-n-match the given tracks and produce music that’ll hold people spellbound. Rock on!
  • Dig IT (Google Search) : All solutions at your disposal at the click of a button ? Well think again. Check out this event and search for the answers to the most unusual queries that we put forward.
  • Ku-dos(4)-u (Sudoku) : Consider yourself a wiz-kid? Do you spend half the morning with The Hindu, chewing a pencil? This is the right place for you ! Race against time and solve the puzzles and Anagrams.
  • A maximum of 2 members per team.
  • Judges decision binding.
  • Ku-Dos(4)U is an indvidual event
  • A registration fee of Rs.20/- per team is to be paid on the day of the event.
  • Registration fee for Ku-Dos(4)U is Rs.10/-
  • Search The Grail
    • Harini V S :
  • Dhwani
    • Vignesh M :94861 34857
  • Dig IT
    • Latha Vaishnavee :99407 14743
  • Kudos
    • Saranya Ravi :