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Block Magazine and Revolution News Themes

October 26, 2007 by Hari

This is the second post in my Comparison of Magazine Themes series. In this post, we’ll see about Block Magazine Theme and Revolution News Theme. I chose these two because they were so close in the layout and look.

Block Magazine

Block Magazine is a paid theme by Adii and is sold at UBD. magazine-style theme. After seeing themes like The Morning After and Revolution News themes, i have to say that there is nothing special in this theme. As in the Your Revolution theme, i don’t like the colors. Too flashy. I like the way the Recent Posts, Popular Posts and the Recent Comments are displayed. That saves good space. The “Welcome” block on the top right, sorta degrades the theme’s quality. I’m not going to go deep into discussing this theme. There is nothing special in this theme when compared to Adii’s nex Premium News theme. That is a really nice one.

Revolution News Theme

Revolution News theme is a paid magazine-style theme by the popular WordPress themer Brian Gardner. This theme basically comes in three flavors : Magazine, News, Sports. But, all the three have a magazine-style layout. Each of them costs $100 with a single-domain license. I wouldn’t say the price is too high. But, it could have been better.

Coming on to the theme itself, the colors are very pleasant on the eyes. Very clean layout. I like all the three styles’ layout. The “Subscribe” button could have been made better. The category pages follow a layout similar to the homepage and looks nice. Nothing much to complain about in this theme and that too without using it.


  • Good ad position
  • Clean layout and colors
  • Different styles available


  • The price…
  • The basic stylesheet (link style etc..) is kinda boring. Could have been more Web2.0-ish

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The Morning After vs. Your Revolution

October 24, 2007 by Hari

This is the first post in my Comparison of Magazine Themes series. In this post, we’ll see about The Morning After and Your Revolution. I chose these two because they were so close in the layout and look.

The Morning After

The Morning After is a free magazine-like theme by Arun Kale. The theme was created based on a brief survey on the WordPress forums about what people would want to see in a unique magazine-style theme. To my knowledge, it is the first magazine-style theme to be released(see below). Not only the first, it is my favorite. I use this personally on one of my sites and i’m loving this. This theme has many features that are essential for a magazine. Especially, i really appreciate the use of Custom Fields. I love the way the posts are displayed on the homepage, and the recent posts section. The Morning After doesn’t fall behind on the post display page also. It is very nice too like a professional magazine. If i wanted to choose a magazine-style theme and didn’t have money to spend, i’d definitely choose The Morning After. To look at an excellent implementation of The Morning After, go to


  • Excellent Layout
  • Very good use of Custom Fields
  • Integration with Email Posts Plugin (a typical magazine feature)


  • Colorless. By default it is fully in grayscale

Your Revolution

First of all i’d like to tell that i have no personal vengeance against Adii and this post is truly unbiased. The first thing that stuck me when i saw Your Revolution was its color. It was too bright and was a heavy strain on my eye. Of course, i complained that The Morning After was colorless. But, i didn’t want this much color either. Anything like the Revolution News Theme will be optimal. Coming back to Your Revolution, i’d tell that it gives less emphasis for the posts on the frontpage. That is, the first and the second column on the frontpage are equally wide. But, its is logical that the first column needs to be wider than the second.

Your Revolution gives excellent position for the 300 x 250 advertisement, which was absent in The Morning After. Your Revolution’s single post page look impressive too. Though Your Revolution’s category page is nice, i like The Morning After’s better. Also, Your Revolution has a poor header design which is a big drawback. To conclude, i’d say that Your Revolution isn’t worth your bucks when The Morning After is available for free.


  • Good Positioning for Advertisement


  • The color scheme
  • Poor header design
  • The “Can-do-better” type of layout

UPDATE : Sorry to have mentioned that The Morning After was the first Magazine-style theme. Its looks like Mimbo Magazine theme was released before The Morning After. Sorry for the mistake. Thanks for letting me know Darren.

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Comparision of 6 Magazine WordPress Themes

October 21, 2007 by Hari

A month or two ago, when i was searching for Magazine-style wordpress themes, i found none. But, today, after just a short time, there are 6 magazine-style wordpress theme available. Three of them are free and three of them are paid. In the upcoming posts, i’ll cover the various aspects of these themes. I’ll split this into three posts and will post in the upcoming days.

As of now, i’ll post the list of them. I’ve ranked them in terms of look, feature, quality and others.

  1. The Morning AfterFree
  2. Revolution News ThemePaid – (wanted to rank this the same as “The Morning After”. But “The Morning After” won over because it is Free)
  3. Mimbo Magazine ThemeFree
  4. Block MagazinePaid
  5. Your RevolutionPaid
  6. Jello Wala MelloFree

I’d like to tell that, the ranking mentioned in this post is in no way influenced by my previous post. I’ll write more about these themes in my upcoming posts.

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WPDesigner reviews Unique Blog Designs

October 20, 2007 by Hari

Last week, Small Potato from WPDesigner posted a review about Nate Whitehill’s Unique Blog Designs. All the points that he made are very true. In fact, thats what i had felt about them. Even normal WordPress Design companies do Unique designs. But, having the word “Unique” in their name, UBD doesn’t do Unique themes. Check out these sites designed by UBD :

Do you think they are Unique ? Of course, they aren’t. They are just small variations of each other. So are they worth $799 ? Definitely they aren’t. Even i’m a wordpress theme designer and i know how much custom themes are worth. I do unique custom themes from $200. But i just don’t do it like UBD because i don’t have enough free time. I just do some freelancing.

Coming back to Small Potato’s review, i’d support his review 100%. He has wrote what he had thought and there is nothing wrong in it. I don’t like the way Adii has responded in the comments. Every blogger has every right to publish anything in his blog. I experienced the same when i wrote negative reviews (here & here) on my Contest Blog.

The comments section of the post is really interesting. There is very interesting conversation between Adii and SP.

Also, as SP points out, the UBD themes are not of good quality. The are, of course, Poorly made gradients. For eg, check out It reminds me of designs i used to create when i was 14 years old. Childish. To finish off, what Small Potato did is nothing wrong. And Unique Blog Designs does have to change this. They need to be unique. I wouldn’t be wasting my $800 for a copy-cat-like theme.

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A Couple of Google News

August 25, 2007 by Hari

Google is undisputedly my favorite company ever. I was excited when i read about two cool news about the Google.

1) GPhone is coming

TechCrunch pointed out to a news article on Rediff, that mentions that the Google Phone (GPhone) might be out in a fortnight. The article also states that Google is in talks with a couple of Indian mobile service providers, which is absolutely fantastic. And, for this reason, GPhone may hit India before iPhone does and will be more popular than iPhone among Indians. This is what makes Google different. They see India as a potential market, whereas the others don’t.

2) Orkut ReDesign

This one is more official than the GPhone article. The orkut blog announced today that there is a redesign under the works. They will be releasing it to groups of users in the coming weeks. This is awesome too. As everyone knows, Orkut is the most popular social network in India and Brazil and i’m a fan of it too. But, why ? It has a more of an Indian touch. I don’t know how else to explain.

This redesign is definitely going to be a successful one. So far, the comments about the design are positive.

UPDATE : Google Discovery has more pictures of the new design. Vinay claims thats the new design has been enabled for him. He has some screenshots on Flickr. Can’t wait to have it on my account.

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New Design for Got Chance

July 20, 2007 by Hari

Over the past comments, i heard a lot of positive comments on this blog’s design. I also heard that it was too simple. I felt the same too. So, i decided to do a redesign. But, this blog is too new for a redesign. So, why not a partial redesign instead of a complete one. And now it is here. The main change is speed. I removed a lot of big images and the Stripes background so that the blog can load faster. Also, this new version of GotChance has a new and better top menu. I have added another sidebar. One contains the usual links and stuff. The new sidebar contains the sponsors links. If you’d like your banner to be added too, you can contact me to know about the price and other details.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the new design, feel free to share them with me.

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