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My C++ Mario Game And 3D Design

In my last post I mentioned that I’ve been learning Game programming in C++ and also 3D design using Blender. Chris commented on the post suggesting that I post my works on the blog and thats exactly what I’m going to do in this post. I’m a master neither in the game programming nor in the 3d design. So forgive me if my work is amatuerish.


This has been tested on Windows XP and Vista. But hopefully it should run without a problem on older versions as well. This just includes the first level environment that i created using Mappy. Also, this doesn’t include any interactions with the environment. I’ve also included the source code. So, you can take a look at it too and also use it for your own works. Licensed Open source :P.

3D Design

This may look very very noobish. But after all this is my first go at 3D. I followed this online tutorial to achieve this. Very eager to hear your comments on this one.

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i checked out your game. and i must say if this is your first attempt than im impressed.. there was no 3d designing there though..

also thankyou for adding the source. im sure ill learn a lot from it.

I found a bug that after falling into the hole mario did not die but he just kept on going underground, but im sure you were aware of that already 🙂

whats sad is that I thought i knew all of C++, but looking at your code made my head

and im an engineer..haha..dude where did you learn C++ from?


That was a very quick reply 🙂

Yeah, i know about that hole prob. Actually thats how much i’ve designed so far. Mario navigates through the entire level.

whats sad is that I thought i knew all of C++, but looking at your code made my head

Even i felt the same at the first. You’ll get used to this soon.

I just learnt C++ in my school 🙂

that just shows that I had a lousy teacher. I hate him now..

I learnt C++ in my second year of electrical engineering and he taught us everything in the book from a to z, i knew how to get loops to work, how to use the switch command and how to effectively use functions.. but all of this was just theory.. he never taught us how to use this practically..

Thats the problem with our education system, everyone thinks that if the student rattas/gottas (cram) everything and get good grades then he knows the subject well.. sadly i dont know how to use my knowledge in C++…………………..K ill stop here.. this self pity is kind of making me sick.. and I dont even know why i kept on ranting 🙂

but excellent job, mate.. I hope you can do more with your coding and find success with it 🙂

Thats what basically is. Once you know how to use the functions, loops and other statements in programs, then it all comes down to your logical thinking.

And, thanks for your wishes, mate 🙂

The Mario games has been a part of my childhood way back then, now, even my kid also enjoyed it. I also want to thank you by the way for adding a spice and excitement into it and making Mario game more acceptable to the fast increasing technology we are all experiencing now.

I like Mario game very much and I use to play it a lot when I was small.

I am going to try your mario game now.. I am excited 🙂

I like your Mario Game and 3D picture. Though you still need a

little more practice, I’m shure we can expect great results from you. 🙂

Thanks for your comments 🙂