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chrome is becoming my primary browser

Chrome Is Becoming My Primary Browser

Google Chrome Logo by Tilak Bisht.It is exactly two months now after Google Chrome’s release. For those who don’t know, Chrome is an open source browser from Google. It is based on Webkit browser engine.

I installed it right after its release and I used to use it now and then. And, when I begun to develop my homepage, I used Chrome to test the design in Webkit engine, as I do not have Safari.

But now, after using it for two months, I just realized that it has almost become my primary browser. Thanks to its application shortcuts, I never open Gmail or Google Reader in my browser window nowadays. I am a Firefox fan. But, its just sleeping in my computer as of now. Though Chrome doesn’t have Addons support like Firefox has, I’m still in love with it. I have a bunch of Addons installed on my Firefox. But I don’t use them frequent enough to miss them.

Also, there is upcoming GreaseMonkey support for Chrome and I’m looking forward to it. With the next releases of Chrome, will i abandon Firefox ? Maybe… Or Maybe not… Will have to wait…

What is your experience with Chrome ? Have you tried ? Have you already made the switch ?

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nice share.. i will try it too

But why is it better than Firefox. I’ve heard/read that it takes a big chunk of memory to run.

Now I’m a big fan of Google in general so I’m not adverse to switching if there is genuine reason to.

I don’t know to tell a single reason why it is better than Firefox… But, it is sooo much faster than and also lighter than Firefox..

I think its just simple , easy and lite browser

still love you firefox !


Wow I’m definately going to give this a try. I’ve read so much about firefox but after downloading it and using it, I don’t know why, but I still prefer Internet explorer! I think its because it has more space for the actual browsing than firefox does with all the rubbish at the top that I have to make a consious effort to remove. Anyway I will try this one

I did not try it yet, although i have heard about Chrome earlier on.. maybe too get to use to FF.

yes chrome is better than firefox.speed rendering web is fast like opera.still waiting for final release google chrome

This was from a while back, but I had to comment — Chrome ROCKS! there’s only a few things that it can’t do better and FASTER than anything else – and that’s all being corrected. I installed day 1, and from day 1 it’s been my primary browser. Sleek, fast… love it. (and I’ll love it more when my Excite works with it… or more, my cPanel!)

Exactly, its damn fast.. And with the addons features it can definitely beat FF provided it keeps its speed..

I haven’t really had need to use it, I heard bad things from day 1, and i love my FireFox 😀

so does Chrome have addon support now?

No it doesn’t have addon support yet.

Sometimes, you’ve to try to believe.. 🙂

I’ve actually downloaded the installer, but I forgot to install it. I guess i’ve gotten so comfortable using firefox.

Google Chrome is my favorite

I use opera, and i’ve tryed chrome to…but IMO nothing beats Opera. You should try it:)

BTW…nice site over here;) keep up the good work


Chrome is better than firefox.speed rendering web is fast like opera