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Would You Pay for new RSS Subscribers ?

February 28, 2008 by Hari

Back in july, we came across a service called Buy Blog Comments. After that, its now time for paying for your RSS Subscriber count. A new service called RSSXplosion(.com) lets you “Buy” RSS Subscribers. These “bought” subscribers just subscribe to your feed, they don’t read it. Why ? Because they don’t exist.

I read about this site on Ian Fernando’s blog. Something that caught my eye was that they have used my quote (from this post) about RSS Subscribers. Though i hate the service, i feel prestigious to have been quoted along with Mark from 45n5 and John Chow(:D).

There are some reasons why one would not use RSSXplosion :

  1. If you are so much interested in raising feedcount, you can sign up yourself with many feed readers or many accounts with a single reader and subscribe to your blog’d feed from each of them.
  2. A common way of faking the RSS Count is to use someone else Chicklet, but linking to your own feed. This is often found out. So, instead you can display someone else’s feedcount in plain text. (though i’m displaying in plain text, i’m not faking it. you can check out my chicklet here.)
  3. If you feel that the above method is difficult, you can just put some Big number in plain text and link it to their feed. Like DeafMusician(.com) which claims to have 6.24 Billion RSS subscribers. The screenshot (in case it is removed) :
  4. It hurts your reputation once people come to know that you have bought subscribers. RX isdefinitely not going to be profitable. So, if they close down, you’ll lose all your”bought” subscribers. Better to stay away.

And coming back to this quoting stuff, though the owner of RX has got the rights to use quotes with appropriate credits, what Ian Fernando says is right :

The owner of RSSXplosion is using popular authors and bloggers to associate with this pathetic service.

What do you say ? Would you buy RSS subscribers if your count is low, or you’d better be honest to your readers ?

UPDATE: Don’t ever bother to visit the two non-linked websites. RX is useless. DeafMusician does all sort of childish things like the faking feed count, using images without credits, disobeying copyrights etc…

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February 1, 2008 by Hari

RotateeHere it is today… After working on it for so long, i’m finally launching today. As i said in my last post, Rotatee is a remotely-hosted banner rotation service. It can also be considered as a simpler and better alternative for my GotBanners plugin. Users can get going in three simple steps:

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Add the ad codes that you wish to rotate and assign them a weight
  3. Just place the one-line code, that Rotatee gives, on your website

For more details, check out the site The site is in closed beta. But, as the readers of GotChance, you can get a taste of our service before others do. Just enter “gotchance” as the invite code to Sign up. (This is not like the testing mentioned in my previous post. All data will still be there even after the site opens to the public). Hurry, it is only available for first 100 sign ups.

Looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions…

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PageRank Update Turns Good for Me

October 29, 2007 by Hari

Google has slapped many giants with its latest Pagerank update. But, it has surely turned out good for me. If you had been to my blog yesterday or the day before, you would have noticed that i have added an About page. To be specific, the Pageranks of all the sites that i have mentioned there have increased (or remained the same. but have not decreased). GotChance has become a PR5 blog and i’m very much happy with that. The pagerank’s of my other sites have increased as below :

Let me know how this Pagerank update has affected your blogs. I’m planning to sell some links (of course, with rel=”nofollow”).

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Displaying Too Many Ads is Good ?

October 22, 2007 by Hari

Disclaimer : I’m not making this post because is a direct competitor to my other blog This post is made just to discuss about placing too many ads.

First of all, we all know that there is a limit for everything and ad placements on a site has limits too (though it is the personal opinion of the owner). Check out Recently i visited the blog and was shocked by the number of ads just on their frontpage. Besides these, they also have a “Links” page and page full of “Coupons” and a “Make Money Online” page full referral links. So, monetizing the site has begun just on the first line of the site. Next on the header there is an Adsense Link Unit. And a Google Search box. Everyone know that WordPress’s internal search facility is a lot better than Google’s site search. So the only motive for having this Search box is to make money.

Then, a set of 6 affiliate links. After that a 468 x 60 banner and a Google Text ads on the right (not seen on frontpage too). Now, lets see the sidebar. I’m not going to complain about the Featured Contests section. But, look at the other below it. Text-Link-Ads and then another bunch of Affiliate links under the title “Free Stuff” and a WidgetBucks ad box. I remember seeing a 250×250 Google Ad, which i think has been removed now.

Coming to the worser part, 50% of the central content area is full of ads. I’m not going to list them all here (a tedious job). But they include WidgetBucks, Google Adsense, Deal Dot Com etc… What is even worse is the Paid posts (or paid reviews). Being a Blog about “Blog Contests”, he should be writing about Blog Contests. But, his every alternate post is a review post to promote a product from Commision Junction. Also, i don’t know what “Finding a new home is UK (” and “Free Dating ( has to do with Blog Contests.

To my knowledge, the number of Monetization Spots on their homepage were about 26 or 27 when i counted, excluding the top “Links”, “Coupons” and “Make Money Online” tabs. That exceeds the 21 ads on the No.1 Blog Engadget as pointed out by John Chow. So, what do you think about this ? If you are visitor, will you stay on the site after seeing so many ads ? If you ask me, i would, but only if there was quality content. On his blog, even Content is adulterated with Review posts. So, i’d just stay away.

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Google Penalties and How to Avoid Them

October 6, 2007 by Hari

Few days ago, David Airey’s logo design blog was penalized by Google and suddenly his rankings dropped on Google for various search terms. He didn’t know what happened and why he was penalized. But, he knew what to do and how to reverse the penalty. Today, he reports that the penalty on his blog has been lifted. He explains in great detail what he did and how he got it reversed. So, i’m not going to go deep into that. Till this time, i was not taking Google Penalties seriously. But, after this Airey incident, i have learned a lot of things. I did a search on the topic and found many useful informations to avoid Penalties. Here’s how it affected his traffic :

Firstly, read the Google Webmaster Guidelines thoroughly. It clearly explains what to do and what not to do.

Always use rel=”nofollow” on all the paid links that you have on your website. Or you can redirect the link to an intermediate page that is blocked to the Search Engines by a robots.txt file. Incoming links are not a problem at all for Google. Because, the webmasters have no control over it. But, clearly the webmasters are responsible for the outgoing link. Linking to bad websites (bad neighborhood) can get you a potential ban. Here is a tool to check if you linking to “bad neighborhoods”. Here is an interesting question about linking to bad sites. John Chow has been severely penalized by Google for overdoing the “review for a linkback”. Not only he doesn’t rank on the first page on Google for “John Chow“, but also for “johnchow“.

After know about all these, i’m sure that i’ll be following a lot of SEO Techniques very soon. What do you all feel ? Have you been penalized by Google ? Share you experience in the comments.

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11 Ways To Help Your Visitors Promote YOU

September 13, 2007 by Hari

Social bookmarking sites are among the most popular sites on the web and they are the greatest sources of traffic for any blog. So, you should make sure that your posts hit the doorsteps of these sites. Having a busy schedule (:P) it is not practically possible for us bloggers to go and submit our posts to these sites. Instead we can let our visitors do it. It also makes sure that only the posts that people like are being submitted. So, here are 11 tools that can help your visitors promote your site/blog :

Official Tools :

Many of these social bookmarking sites have their own official tool to be used on blogs and websites.

  1. Digg : One of the most popular tools out there. They integrate like a charm into your website.
  2. & Tagometer :Launched just towards the end of 2006, the Tagometer has gained a lot of popularity.
  3. Reddit : Cool buttons from the most popular Digg-alike.
  4. Facebook : The recently most-hyped social network’s “Share” buttons.
  5. StumbleUpon : Let your posts get discovered. I would call SU as the best source of “Instant Traffic”.

UnOfficial Tools :

These tools, thought unofficial, allows users a wide range of options to share and also saves a lot of space.

  1. MadKast : One of the easiest tools out there. But, i would call this a bit Intrusive, since they occupy the space near the post title.
  2. AddThis : The easiest and the most popular out there. Especially because of the fact that it can be used on Non-blog sites too with ease.
  3. Social Bookmark Link Creator : A very flexible plugin that allows you to generate the links for these bookmarking sites.
  4. Sociable : Very popular wordpress plugin, mainly due its very cool look.
  5. Share This : Probably The most popular Social Bookmarking plugin out there for WordPress. I use this too.

Bonus (Err.. Not Really)

NetScape Widget : I have separated this from the rest of the list due to the fact that NetScape might get closed down. Otherwise, a great tool to use for NetScape. Though unofficial, it competes with the official ones of Digg and Reddit. Kudos ! ! !

Hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to add to the list, if you know any more.

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5 Must Have Pages on a Website

September 9, 2007 by Hari

A 404 Not Found page on Technorati reads as “Sorry! We have a zillion pages, but not that one”. Thats nice text for a not found page. But, your users wouldn’t like to see it when trying to access few important pages. What are those pages ? Lets see…

1) Contact Me

The contact page is the most important page of any blog. I do have a Contact page here and all bloggers who are serious about blogging have one. It not only helps your readers interact with you, but they also let you know of any errors that might pop up on your site. You don’t have one & don’t know how to make one ? Never worry. Kontactr is a service that i created, to make contact forms easier. It takes less than 30 seconds to setup your contact form (that depends on your Internet speed though :-P).

2) About Me

This is something that would make your blog more personal. It is also a part of personal branding. When they users get to know about you, they become more loyal to you. Take a look at some about me pages. I know that i don’t have an About Me page here. The reason is that i’m not able to come up with a good one. I will try to put one soon.

3) Advertise Page

If you seriously want to make money online, an Advertise page is a must. I don’t have one as my blog is new and doesn’t have Pagerank yet. I’m expecting PR4 in this update and if it hits, i’ll put up one. Check out John’s or Nate’s advertise pages to know what should be put up in an Advertise page. I do have an Advertise page on my other free webmaster resources website. Does it meet John’s and Nate’s quality ?

4) Search Page

The search feature comes packed with WordPress. But, if you have a Non-blog website, you should really consider getting your own Search facility. I get irritated when i see websites without a search box. You might give Google Co-op a try. Thats works very well.

5) Sitemap

A sitemap is helpful not only for Search engine robots, but, also for human visitors. It helps them find what pages are where. There are lots of sites (even a wordpress plugin) that help you create a sitemap for a robot. But, you should manually gather the links and organize them properly to make a sitemap for humans. Check out these sitemaps of some giants : Google, eBay, Apple.

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