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About Me

For a long time i didn’t have an “About Me” page because i was not sure what to write about me. My name is Shrihari.S and i’m a 17 year old Indian. I started with the Web when i was 15 (back in 2005). My websites started out on GeoCities. Then, advanced to some free cPanel hosts and now i own some pretty nice professional websites. In the course of time, i have also taught myself many Skills. I’m a pretty good Designer and better coder. I know XHTML/CSS inside-out and know some decent PHP. Some websites that i own and run include:

Free Webmasters Resources website. The forum is pretty inactive now. But i’m receiving decent traffic. Templora is my first hit and i can’t forget it.
Clever Tutorials
Inspired by the ocean of Tutorials sites over there, Clever Tutorials was my first PHP project. Going on well.
The most popular website that i currently own. I’ve been trying to get Kontactr on TechCrunch. But, no luck… Maybe someone among you can help…
VidSav (The domain name expired and i didn’t find the need to renew it. Contact me if you want the script)
Frankly speaking, a copy of an already-existing site. A project to test my PHP skills at that time. I’ve sold two copies of the script too.
Nitrogen Designs
My design studio. Have been lying inactive for sometime. Have to work on it soon…
My Blog Contests
My recent project. A blog covering blog contests. A bit unique from other contest blogs in the fact that i WRITE all the posts on the blog unlike some blogs that allow the visitors to post about contests. Also, i don’t just write about all the contests. I write my opinion on prizes, rules etc… Even if my opinion is negative(1 & 2), i express it.

I’ve not yet spent a penny on marketing or promoting any of the sites listed above. I started everything on the web without knowing anything and without anyone to explain me anything. I’m proud at where i stand today on the Web.

I’m a freelancer too. I occasionally do Freelance works when i’m in need of money or when i have free time. I’m planning to start doing Coding jobs professionally. You can expect an announcement from me here on GotChance very soon.

A feel like telling a lot about me. But, there would be no end if i start telling everything. So, i end it here.

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