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6 places to push in your rss feed icon

6 Places To Push In Your RSS Feed Icon

RSS Subscriber count is an important parameter in judging a blog’s success (or failure). Also, RSS readers form the loyal readership of a blog. Check out my old post to know how to increase RSS subscribers. The topic that I’ll be dealing with, in this post is different. Its regarding the placement of your RSS Feed Icon. The more prominently visible it is to the visitors, the more readers you’ll gain. Lets see in detail where all you can place your RSS Feed Icon in your blog.

Above The Header

Above Header

This refers to the top most position of your blog. When your page loads, this is the area that loads first. Also, it is very much visible and suitable for throwing up your Subscriber count as well…

In The Header

In Header

The header is the most prominent area of your blog and also the most attractive, in most cases. Your RSS Icon will be noticed quickly if placed in the header…



Almost every blog has a RSS Icon located on the sidebar. Many blogs even have an Email Subscription box on the sidebar. It is the place where many visitors look out for a Feed Icon…



After viewing a post or a page, a visitor normally ends up at the footer of your website. So, its useful to place a link to your RSS Feed over there…

After A Post

After Post

This is one of the most effective positions. When visitors see a “Subscribe” link right after they finish reading a post, they may be effectively converted into loyal readers. Many blogs have begun to implement such links…

Before A Post

Actually you can place RSS links above or below a post using the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin. I’m going to do a little experiment with this place, by showing a Subscribe link only to visitors from search engine. I’ll do a write up on it later…

Here on GotChance, I have Subscribe links on the header, sidebar, after the post and also in the a footer (which is less prominent). As a said above, I’m planning on a new experiment. Where all do you have your RSS Feed Links ? Is there any other possible place where we can push it in ?

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Thanks for using me as an example. 🙂

Would using autodiscovery to add it to the URL bar of a browser count as a 7th place?

Yeah, you can add it to URL bar too and there are other places like Email Signatures, Forum Signatures.. But, these are the 6 places in ‘your blog’ to place the Feed Icon…

Hari, i am thinking whether any more places to put the feed icon? i think all are covered by you in the post..

I think this is all where you can put it in your blog… As i said, you can also put it is your email signatures, forum signatures etc..

yeah.. I like to put my rss icon below of my post.. single post on wordpress.. thats very cool i thing 😀

I have a “Why Subscribe” page that people can go to so that i can give them reasons that they should subscribe to my blog, and in that page i also put a subscribe link for rss and email.

I’m not too sure how successful it is, but if it even converts one person into a subscriber, to me it has been a success.

What do you think about this as a placement for it Hari?

~ Flyer

Actually the places that i mentioned in this post are common places in a blog..

The “why subscribe ?” page is a really good page to put.. Also you can push that link along with your Feed link wherever you put it..

But, too many links along with the Feed link may confuse the user.. So, if your audience in non-tech-saavy, put a “what is RSS” page and put the “why subscribe” contents along with it.. Or, you can just do away with the “why subscribe ?”

As a suggestion, you might want to align text to the left on your “why subscribe” page.. Center aligned text is a bit bad on the eyes..

Ok, cool, will align that text now. Thanks again.

~ Flyer

Great list and, some nice inspiring designs as well.

I agree with you about the fact that design plays a very important roll in your subscriptions.

Good suggestion. Display is crucial in order to get the best result.

Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed