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Merry Christmas To GotChance Readers

I’m not a Christian here. But many of GotChance’s readers are. So, wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas. Hope you are all having a great time.


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My Top 10 "Usable" Google Chrome Bookmarklets

You might’ve seen many such posts around the web which list out the top bookmarklets for Google Chrome. But, one thing that I found to be common between them were that most of these had not-frequently-used bookmarklets, duplicate ones (in the sense, two or more that serve the same purpose). The reason for so many bookmarklets is to increase the size of these lists. Here in this post, I’ve compiled a list of bookmarklets that I use daily and will be useful for almost everyone of you out there.

Now, on to the list. All the links (except Twitlet) are actual bookmarklets. You can drag them to your bookmarks bar.

  1. kwout website.
  2. Stumble – this is not the "stumble" button from its toolbar, but rather the "i like it" button, which bloggers will be using mostly.
  3. – really the best social bookmarking site out there.
  4. digg – who doesn’t digg nowadays ? Its really a great source of traffic. That makes it a point to have a digg bookmarklet on your browser.
  5. Twitlet (link to the website) – you’ve got to visit the site to generate your own bookmarklet link. Very easy to use twitter client for Chrome. (my second favorite).
  6. Pagerank – simple Google Pagerank checker. Opens a tiny pop up with the pagerank meter. It contains a huge ad in that. But, I don’t mind it. Let me know if any ad-free one is available.
  7. Translate – translates the current page into English, using the Google Translator. With some minor changes, can be used for other languages too.
  8. Linkify – at first I thought this one wouldn’t be helpful. But, I was wrong. I wonder at the number of pages that just has the url without an actual link. This bookmarklet saves only few seconds per link. But sure they’d add up to atleast a day or two per year.
  9. Tumblr – this will be useful for you based on whether you use Tumblr or not. Most bloggers do, I suppose. For me, it sure is useful.
  10. Snipshot – how often would you come across a picture on the web that you want to crop or rotate ? You probably open up Photoshop/GIMP to do that. That sure takes a lot of time. You can do it with ease, on the web, with Snipshot.

Now, these are the ones that I use on my Chrome, which recently became my primary browser. What about you ? Which ones do you use often ? Have I missed out anything here ?

Opening Advertising Options On GotChance

For the past few months, GotChance was ad-free except for some Adsense that showed up only to visitors from Search Engines. Now I’m opening Advertising options on GotChance. This includes 125 x 125 ads on the sidebar and sponsored reviews. For more details, check out the Advertise page.

Justify The Text or Left-Align It ?

rivers If you’ve been reading GotChance for a while, you’d know that I used to have Justified text alignment on the content of blog posts. I had always thought that it was cool to have the right and left margins set evenly. But I was wrong. I came to know that Justified alignment was difficult to scan, read than a normal left-aligned text.

Another problem with Justified alignment is the "rivers" as you see in the picture to your right. They are some continuous gaps that run down the paragraphs, which make them visually less appealing. Considering all these, I’ve switched over to Left-aligned text.

Coming back to the title of the post, which alignment should you choose for your website ? There is no point arguing over this one. Definitely, left-aligned text is much better than justified text. So, if, by chance, your blog theme has justified text, it is better to remove it. But, How ? I’ll tell you.

Text if often justified using CSS. If you look through your Stylesheet (.css file), you’ll find some like this:

text-align: justify;

Just remove that and the justification is gone. Text will assume the default alignment, that is the left-alignment.

Improve Your WordPress Search Functionality – Why ?And How ?

Before jumping in to tell you how to improve your WordPress blog’s search functionality, let me first tell you why you need to do it. If you do a google search for "wordpress search functionality", you’ll find a lot of blogs complaining about it. I knew long back that WordPress’s poor functionality was poor. But, I didn’t realize how poor it was until I experienced it recently.

Recently, I made a post here on "Saving Drafts". For that post I had to link to one of Darren Rowse’s old post, which he wrote pretending to be his 1 year old son. I knew that he had mentioned about saving drafts, in that post. Also, I vaguely remembered the post title. So I headed over to his blog and searched for "things you know about my dad problogger". Keep in mind that the post’s actual title was "5 Things You Should Know about My Dad the ProBlogger". So, where would you expect the result to be ? The first result ? No.. The first page ? No.. It was the 3rd result on the second page. That is the 12th result.

Now, to experiment, I searched for the exact post title now : "5 Things You Should Know about My Dad the ProBlogger". This time, the result was promoted from 12th position to 9th position. Wow.. What a great improvement ! Kudos to WordPress. Sorry guys, I don’t mean to insult WordPress or its developers. But, being the #1 Blogging software, WordPress should really consider having a good search functionality.

I really wish the WordPress works on their search functionality. But, till then, there are some ways to enhance your blog’s search functionality :

  • Search Unleashed – A WordPress plugin that extends the inbuilt search functionality. Check out the plugin page for more info.
  • Search Everything – Again a plugin that includes pages, comments, tags and more in your search results.
  • Google Search Engine – Who can beat Google when it comes to searching ? Adding a Google powered search to your blog is the best solution. Check out : Plugin / Manual Implementation Tutorial.
  • Sphider – For those who don’t know, Sphider is a search engine that is powered by PHP and MySQL. You can install Sphider on your server that indexes your blog. Trust me, its really good. The only thing is that this runs on your own server and Google CSE runs on Google’s server. Tutorial Link.

Do you know any other method or plugin to enhance WordPress’s search functionality ? Share with us in the comments.