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Good Bye Chrome, Back to Good Old FireFox

I’ve been using Google Chrome as my primary browser for the past 6 months, before which I was a loyal Firefox user. As with all of them, I missed my FF addons for the first few days. Then, I got used to Chrome. I fell in love with its lightness and speed. After months of using only, the problems began to surface. The browser began to lag a lot. It began to crash a lot. People say that due to its multi-process approach, one rogue website wouldn’t affect the other tabs. But it wasn’t so in my case. One non-responsive flash video on a page, made the entire Chrome "not responding".

The main culprit was the Flash plugin. It makes me shut down Chrome via Task Manager -> Processes, 3-5 times a day. My entire computer appeared to slow down because of Chrome. Also, when I have large number of tabs open and switch from one tab to another, the new tab that I switched to remains blank. And the content slowly appear from the top, like a powerpoint animation.

So, now I’m back and happy with Firefox. So, what I’d like to say to the readers ? If you’re an average Web user, using a browser for nothing more than browsing few pages, then you can very well replace Chrome for IE. But, if you are like me, leaving Flash videos loading on 5 tabs, Java applets on 2, Chatting in 1 tab and Browsing in 10 other tabs, then probably Chrome isn’t for you.

For those who’re thinking of switching back to FF from Chrome, I’d tell you that FF is a lot more than just a web browser. Check out Mozilla Labs. They’ve some ubercool experiments like Ubiquity, Weave, Prism which will really change they way you use a web browser. (Tip: If you’re a developer, check out Bespin project).

As an additional information, I’ll be participating in the Mozilla Design Challenge. Where in the world will I publish my ideas other than this blog of mine ? So, stay tuned.

What Am I Upto These Days ???

Hello everybody. It happens to be again and again. I blog consistently for some 6 months together. Then, for 6 months I don’t blog at all. Then, again I resume blogging. I don’t know why. And with this I’m resuming blogging 😀

So, what was I doing all these days ? Actually I did a lot of useful things.

  • Learnt Game programming in C++. I already was pretty proficient in C++. I began to use Allegro library. To test my skill, I recreated the first level of classical Mario. It is 80% functional. You don’t know how much excitement it gives you unless you develop your own game 🙂
  • Began to learn Java. Everybody knows that it is one of the important languages to be learnt by every programmer.
  • Learnt 3D designing. This one’s using Blender. I know the basics of it now. But am not using Blender much nowadays, because my system has very less memory. Gotta upgrade it soon.
  • Bought a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, after selling my 5310. This touchscreen’s very cool.
  • Watched a loooot of English movies. I’ve exhausted almost the entire list of IMDB’s Top 250. Why ? Deep inside I’ve the ambition to direct a movie 🙂
  • Did a lot of freelancing. Most of them are PHP projects. Some XHTML works and some Logo designs. And am still doing. So, if you’re looking for a freelancer, don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • Switched back to good ol’ Firefox from Google Chrome. A separate post coming up on why I did this.

So, from now on I’ll be blogging quite consistently. In the past, I covered mostly blogging related topics. From now, I’ll expand this and will be posting about anything Geeky. I assure you that it’ll be interesting.

How To: Change #comment-45259 to #comment-12

One of the things that has been worrying me for long the link to the individual comments in WordPress. The default structure of a link to a comment is :


This is what it remains like on most of the WordPress blogs. It wouldn’t look bad if you just has a few hundred blogs. But, the latest comment on the latest post (as of now) on has the ID 4452651.

So, I just wanted to change this thing. I wanted to has #comment-1 for the first comment and #comment-7 for the 7th comment and so on. I searched the web for a hack or a plugin, but in vain. (Let me know if one is available). So, I just figured out my own method, which I’m going to teach you. I made it as a hack for a theme, rather than a plugin because it needs you to edit your theme templates. But, as per the principles, you need not touch WordPress’s core files.

Step 1 : Adding the 1, 2, 3 Increment

Open your comments.php file and search for the following :

<?php foreach ($comments as $comment) : ?>

And, change it to as follows :

<?php $i = 1; foreach ($comments as $comment) : ?>

Now, search for the immediate next occurrence of this :

<?php endforeach; /* end for each comment */ ?>

And, change it to this :

<?php $i++; endforeach; /* end for each comment */ ?>

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Google PageRank Update Going On It Seems

It seems Google is updating their Pagerank currently. I’m noticing many blogs reporting so. But I’ve not observed a change on any of my sites. However, I’ve been looking forward to it since I moved my blog to /blog/. I have PR6 on the homepage and eager to see what Google gives for my new blog here.

Single Download Link That Changes Automatically

If you are familiar with WordPress, you should know that the WordPress site has a link If the current release is 2.7, that link will download version 2.7. If 2.7.1 gets released, that link will download that for you. I’ve always loved that feature. So, when I recently launched my open source script Rotatee, I decided to steal that feature. So, if you visit, it’ll automatically download the latest version for you.

This can be achieved by a very simple method. If requires you to edit your .htaccess file in your domain root folder. Simply add this line to your .htaccess :




You have to update this file with the new link once you release a new version. In my case, it is currently:

RedirectPermanent /

This is the way I do it currently. If you know a simpler method, do let me know. And the advantage of using this technique is that you can simply refer as "download the latest version here" and point to this link when you write blog posts or anything like that. Also, if you have "Download" links through out your site on many places, you need not update each of them individually. You can simple point them to this link.

Of course, this technique must have some other uses too. But, I can’t think of any, at the moment. If you know, do share with us.