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Upgraded From WordPress 2.6.2 to 2.8 Baker

I hadn’t upgraded from my WordPress 2.6.2 for very long. I’m sorta don’t like Upgrading wordpress at all. Today, finally i decided to upgrade using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin. When i logged into the Dashboard, i came to know that WordPress 2.8 has been released. So, i upgraded immediately. It went on smoothly. So, i can confirm that it works well for upgrading to 2.8.

Now, coming back to WordPress 2.8, i visited the WordPress blog to know about the new features in 2.8. There are some very nice features. My favorite are :

CodePress Highlighting in the Editor : Finally, i need not fire up my PSPad Editor for making small changes to the theme or the plugins.

New Widgets Interface : As i said, i never really had the chance to play with the Dashboard of 2.7, except for on my Demo and local Dev installations. So, the new widgets interface is really nice.

Screen Options : Enables us to set how many items to show per page. I have the habit of manually checking and deleting the comments marked as Spam. So, it is easier when all the comments are displayed in a single page.

Installing Themes from Dashboard : Previously this was possible for plugins. As promised, they’ve added the feature for themes too. Though i’ll never be using this, it’ll be useful for casual bloggers who like to change the look of their blog often.

So, if you’re thinking of updating to 2.8, delay no further. Its a worthwhile upgrade. Use the WPAU plugin to make the process as easy as sipping coffee.

My New Twitter Background

I’ve been owning a twitter account for a long time, though i use it only less. All these days i never cared about my twitter background and was happy with the default one. As i started to get more and more followers, i said to myself “this is the time to put a customized background. do it before its too late”. And, today i did it. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it. Just some 2 minutes of Photoshop work. Looking forward to hear your comments on how it turned out. Check out the screnshot below, or live on my Twitter page.


Is It That Important To Get Rid Of WordPress Search ?

Today, this post from ProBlogDesign popped up on my Google Reader and made me wonder “if it is that important to get rid of WordPress search ?”. I know i’ve already written about WordPress Search. But, it is a topic worth taking a second look at. Quickly read through that post and do the search on ProBlogger today. The post that i mentioned has been promoted to 17th position from its earlier 12th position. How cool.

WordPress, sure, is an awesome piece of blogging software. But, why is the search functionality of WordPress so poor ? What are the basic flaws ?

  • Search results are sorted according to date, while all search results should be sorted according to relevance.
  • WordPress searches only “title” and “content”. While that may be logical for a “blog”, the search SHOULD include comments, author, category etc.. For eg, when i search for “Hari”, it is supposed to bring up all the posts written by me, with the priority being as follows : 1) having “Hari” in title. 2) having “Hari” in post content. 3) having “Hari in comments. and 4) lastly, doesn’t have “Hari but was written by me. But what happens actually ? The top results are the posts which contain the word “sHARIng”. How funny…
  • Another example is when i search for “Advertising”, it is supposed to bring up the posts from my Advertising category. But, only one post from that category actually appears in the results. Whether or not the post contains the term “Advertising”, i (a human) have classified it under Advertising. WordPress should give priority to my classification rather than some dumb SQL query.

I noticed that some of the top blogs on my Google Reader have replaced WordPress Search with alternatives.

Is Google CSE the only Answer ?

Google CSE is a really good service. But, should you use it on your blog ? With the “google”ish layout and the Ads, you completely lose the blog feel of it. Also, for an average blog with many hundred or few thousand posts, the Google search algorithm is not absolutely necessary. You can live with certain changes to your WordPress Search algorithm. For details on tweaking your WordPress search, do take a look at this post.

Do you have any other suggestions to improve WordPress search ? Share with us in the comments.

Installed Windows 7 Ultimate RC

After a lot of dilemma over whether to upgrade to Windows 7 RC build, today i finally took the plunge. Since there was a direct upgrade option from my Vista, i did not lose any of my program or my files. The upgrade went smoothly. So far, i did not have problems with anything.

Things I Like In 7 :

  • Aero peek effect. I’m in love with this effect. Though it doesn’t give any functionality more than the “show desktop”, the glass effect is awesome.
  • The new taskbar. Even in my Vista, i use a full row of Quick Launch bar with “large icons”. So, this new taskbar is even more useful, atleast for me.

Things I don’t Like

There is nothing much i don’t like in 7, after one day of use. But, i don’t like this thing called “Libraries”. I’m yet to figure out what it is exactly. Also, I miss the “DreamScene” from my Vista.

I’ll post my experience with Windows 7 as i use it more in the following days. For those who’re still in a dilemma as me, i’d happily recommend taking the plunge.

My C++ Mario Game And 3D Design

In my last post I mentioned that I’ve been learning Game programming in C++ and also 3D design using Blender. Chris commented on the post suggesting that I post my works on the blog and thats exactly what I’m going to do in this post. I’m a master neither in the game programming nor in the 3d design. So forgive me if my work is amatuerish.


This has been tested on Windows XP and Vista. But hopefully it should run without a problem on older versions as well. This just includes the first level environment that i created using Mappy. Also, this doesn’t include any interactions with the environment. I’ve also included the source code. So, you can take a look at it too and also use it for your own works. Licensed Open source :P.

3D Design

This may look very very noobish. But after all this is my first go at 3D. I followed this online tutorial to achieve this. Very eager to hear your comments on this one.