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11 ways to help your visitors promote you

11 Ways To Help Your Visitors Promote YOU

September 13, 2007 by Hari

Social bookmarking sites are among the most popular sites on the web and they are the greatest sources of traffic for any blog. So, you should make sure that your posts hit the doorsteps of these sites. Having a busy schedule (:P) it is not practically possible for us bloggers to go and submit our posts to these sites. Instead we can let our visitors do it. It also makes sure that only the posts that people like are being submitted. So, here are 11 tools that can help your visitors promote your site/blog :

Official Tools :

Many of these social bookmarking sites have their own official tool to be used on blogs and websites.

  1. Digg : One of the most popular tools out there. They integrate like a charm into your website.
  2. & Tagometer :Launched just towards the end of 2006, the Tagometer has gained a lot of popularity.
  3. Reddit : Cool buttons from the most popular Digg-alike.
  4. Facebook : The recently most-hyped social network’s “Share” buttons.
  5. StumbleUpon : Let your posts get discovered. I would call SU as the best source of “Instant Traffic”.

UnOfficial Tools :

These tools, thought unofficial, allows users a wide range of options to share and also saves a lot of space.

  1. MadKast : One of the easiest tools out there. But, i would call this a bit Intrusive, since they occupy the space near the post title.
  2. AddThis : The easiest and the most popular out there. Especially because of the fact that it can be used on Non-blog sites too with ease.
  3. Social Bookmark Link Creator : A very flexible plugin that allows you to generate the links for these bookmarking sites.
  4. Sociable : Very popular wordpress plugin, mainly due its very cool look.
  5. Share This : Probably The most popular Social Bookmarking plugin out there for WordPress. I use this too.

Bonus (Err.. Not Really)

NetScape Widget : I have separated this from the rest of the list due to the fact that NetScape might get closed down. Otherwise, a great tool to use for NetScape. Though unofficial, it competes with the official ones of Digg and Reddit. Kudos ! ! !

Hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to add to the list, if you know any more.

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